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Take a Look at an Insurance Program Designed for Small Fleets <15 Trucks

Not always able to get an immediate response or solution to your problem from your agent's office?

Whoever reads your email first gets to solve your problem immediately. Every agent here knows every account.

Unable to get certificates 24 hours a day?

With AGIA you can issue your certificates from your computer or cell phone.

Hard to understand billing?

AGIA gives you a monthly billing plan that tells you exactly what each truck is costing you. You will know how much an additional truck or an owner/operator will cost you.

When you have an accident that is not your fault, does your agent do the work of getting the claim paid by other party?

AGIA staff will do the complicated work of filing the claim with the party that is at fault, saving you the headache and another claim on your loss record. 

Does your agent provide DOT Compliance and Safety Consulting?

AGIA can keep you legal. This saves you  the cost of hiring an outside Safety Consulting and paying hefty fines.

Can you reach your agent 24 hours a day?

You will be able to get advice and help when you have that emergency in the middle of the night via your agent's personal cell phone.

Did your agent work with you to promptly gets claims settled?

AGIA handles all claims, this gives you the ease of mind knowing your claim will be handled correctly.

Trucking Insurance

There are many money saving ideas on your truck insurance. 

We can help! Give one of our truck specialists a call today.



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